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Image to base64 converter web design tools

By using the Data URI scheme online converter you can embed images directly into your HTML or CSS. It encodes an image into a base64 string that you can place it directly to a CSS style. The image below is encoded directly into the HTML on the page.
Embedding examples:
<img alt="This Image Is Embedded " src="..." />
.image {

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Please note that Internet Exlorer 7 lacks of support of Data URI scheme.
Also Internet Explorer 8 does support it but limits maximum length to 32 KB.

You may wish to read about advantages and disadvantages of Data URI scheme at Wikipedia.

Image to base64 converter tool tasks and history

  • Add a warning if base64-encoded size is beyond 32KB size limit of Internet Explorer 8.
  • Add pros and cons text of using Data URI scheme.
  • Add inline image at the result page.
  • Image to base64 converter tool created 62 months ago.

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