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Complete AnyAim online tools list

Online tools for web domains manipulation and generation

Domains typo generator & checker

Generate typos for domain names list and instantly check availability. Check popular domain like facebook.com to be surprized.

Domain name generator based on Markov chains

Domain name generator based on Markov chains. Generate unique nice-sounding domain names and instantly check availability. You can set minimum and maximum domain name length.

Domain name search

Just start typing to make domain name search on the fly! No need for any submit buttons - you simply type your domain idea and see domain name availability instantly! We do not log or store any searches. You may skip top-level domain zone to get results for .com and .net zones.

SEO tools

Keywords wrapper tool

Wrap keyword lists with an [exact] or "phrase match",add "negative" signs etc.

Smart keywords density tool

Smart keywords density tool. Please note that it works correctly just with English now.

Keywords typo generator

Search engines are pretty good about correcting misspellings on the fly, but mistyped keywords can still bring you traffic. You just have to know how and where to use them right :)

Bot eye

How search engine bot really sees a page.

List tools

Append or prepend data to any list

Merge keywords list(s) - append or prepend data

Keywords cleaner tool

Really good keywords cleaner tool. I use it pretty often when I import keyword lists full of extra data I do not need such as numbers, bullets, position change percents, duplicates, non-ascii characters, some tabulated or csv data, etc. (usually from different web-services, desktop SEO-tools, Google webmaster tools or Google Adwords keywords suggestion tool). Feed this tool with a dirty list of keywords and get the pretty pure keywords without any trash.

Remove duplicate lines from a list

Remove duplicate lines from a list - paste a list (emails, keywords, numbers, etc.) one on each line. Press "Submit" and get the the same list with just unique values!

Alphabetizer. Sort lists by alphabet, word count and length

Alphabetizer is handy to Sort lists and texts by alphabet, word count and length.

Randomize list

List randomizer will shake your list. Enter your items in the field below, each one on a separate line. Items can be keywords, numbers, emails, etc.

Text & strings tools

Advanded change case of a string

Change string case in lots of ways. Can save you some time when you need to brush some text. Some text case patterns are really WeRiD, but can be rrrealy useful for your Facebook page ;)

Text statistics

Generate text statistics in seconds! Get the total characters and letters count, words and smart sentences count, average words per sentence, average syllables per word.

Reverse text

Now text reversing is as simple as press of a button. Reverse text 5 different ways!


Hexadecimal converter

Hexadecimal converter is the tool for converting hexadecimal values to decimal and decimal to hexadecimal. It also allows to convert hexadecimal strings to corresponding ASCII signs (text). Accepts one value or many values separated by line-breaks or spaces.

Binary converter

Binary converter helps to convert text or hexadecimal values to binary form and binary representation to text or hexadecimal format. Just pick the desired direction and voila!

Base64 decoder and encoder

Online base64 decoder and encoder allows to convert strings to and from base64 data representation. String like d3d3LmFueWFpbS5jb20= will become "www.anyaim.com" and vice versa.

URL decode and encode

URL decode and encode online. Decodes %nn encoding in the given string. Plus symbols ('+') are decoded to a space character.

Various generation tools

md5 hashes generator

md5 hashes generator

sha1 hashes generator

sha1 hashes generator

All possible hashes generator

Check more than 15 hash types and 50 variants at one page with this online hashes generator. Md2, md4, md5, sha1, all the sha types, ripemd, whirlpool, tiger, snefru, adler, crc32, crc32b, salsa, haval... Just pase the string you'd like to check, optional salt and press "Submit".

Web design tools

Image to base64 converter

By using the Data URI scheme online converter you can embed images directly into your HTML or CSS. It encodes an image into a base64 string that you can place it directly to a CSS style. The image below is encoded directly into the HTML on the page.
Embedding examples:
<img alt="This Image Is Embedded " src="..." />
.image {

Webmaster tools

Online htaccess generator

Automate routine tasks - use htaccess file generator to save your time and avoid errors! This online htaccess generator is rather advanced, but I would like to create the most useful one. So if you have ideas - please leave your feedback.

.htpasswd generator

This online tool will help you to password-protect a directory of Apache server. Htpasswd generator creates passwords that are hashed with secure SHA1 algorithm. Just enter user-name and password and an entry for a htpasswd file is generated.


Javascript and JSON beautifier

Javascript and JSON beautifier

Redirect tracker

Want to troubleshoot mod_rewrite redirects or wonder where does that affiliate link redirect to? Use Redirect tracker to see the whole path your browser takes when it follows the URL. Paste an URL and watch the trace.

Javascript compressor-obfuscator

Compress and obfuscate Javascript code free using this free online compressor.

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